Woman Thanks God On 107th Birthday, Reveals Her Secret To Long And Happy Life

She is blessed to celebrate her 107th Birthday in the happiest way. Her steadfast faith in Jesus Christ has remained unchanged and she witnesses His faithfulness in keeping her happy always and gave the credits to God in giving her a long and full life!

Wharton was born on March 29, 1911 in South Carolina and grew up in Pittsburgh. Recently she has celebrated a remarkable 107th birthday along with her near and dear ones! But this time, Janet Wharton is revealing her secret to long and happy life she swears by!

She has spent a lifetime serving and volunteering in her community, including the food bank at her local church. She is known for her love in crafting as well as having a lovely singing voice and expert in cooking delicious dishes. The handmade bible covers are displayed all around her home showing her passion for God’s Word!

Throughout her life she always maintained her happiness and her wit is still sharp as a tack! When asked if she maintained any particular diet to have such longevity, her answer was a big no saying” “I ate everything,” and  she laughed by giving some vital suggestions to avoid smoking and drinking!!

The stunning video shows the donning birthday tiara and Wharton- the queen – blew out out her three candles of celebration. She really enjoys everyday as she reveals it as the great secret of her long life and added a bit of wise advice to garnish the life !!

“I intentionally enjoys each day. “I didn’t wait and say I’ll do it tomorrow — I did it today,” !!

Ultimately she exalts all credits to her Savior with smiles of joy “I don’t know how much longer he’s gonna let me stay here, but I’ve had a good time!” She laughed with a summary of her good life!!

I am so happy to see her happiness and trust in God, and I want to follow the same to celebrate many many gracious occasions in my life! How about you?

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