13 Year Old Student Collects Thousands Of Socks For The Homeless!

This 13 year old girl is in a mission to bring warmth in the lives of homeless with a pair socks, because she loves to give back to the community and helping people! Her own life experience was the key factor to start this whole campaign of collecting socks and distributing to the less fortunate community!Olivia Vibbert runs her own nonprofit organization called Cold Feet, Warm Hearts!

She and her family had hard financial times and were homeless for seven weeks on the streets without a place to sleep. On top of that she had lost her younger sister as a still birth baby of just 36 weeks old! Her touching tragedy which was posted online has reached the hearts of millions and within 2 days she could collect 1500 pairs of socks!

Olivia’s socks campaign has grown into family affair and they together contribute their time and energy to sort, tag and log the socks for donation to various homeless shelters around Central Virginia and the nation! She is targeting to donate 10000 pairs and have already donated 7000 !

If you want to be part of this generous mission click on the link in the Related Links box to find the family’s Facebook page to contact them! God Bless You All!