2-Year-Old Drummer Worships The Lord With His Incredible Talent

2 year old drums along to the worship songs are incredibly beautiful. Lennox Howard Noble has a talent like no other and he displays it for the right cause. He drums along with the Christian song  “I Can’t Speak Life” will astonish you.

The adorable video shows the little one is thoroughly enjoying his drums with the worship band. Seems like he fits in perfectly with this worship song, and his alignment with the music timing will leave you speechless. Its so cute to see that how everyone is laughing and cheering him on to lift up his spirit. And when he gets to the grant finale there’s a collective shouts of excitement.

This child prodigy plays the drums better than an adult plays, and he is born with a gift from God to play drums to lift up His glory in a new level.I am sure he is gonna be a famous future drummer and we will see him again and again!