4-Year-Old Girl Mails Cake To Heaven For Late Mother’s Birthday

Bella Graham was just 2 year old, when she lost her mother to death. Her Mother Jessica, passed away after suffering from pulmonary embolism. Bella was brought up by her grandmother, Laura Fisher and  the family always tried their best to keep the child close to her mother with beautiful memories. Bella used to miss her mom so much and when she knew that her mother’s birthday was coming up, she was concerned about her mom that she might not get a cake in heaven!!

“She was becoming stressed about it,” her grandmother, Fisher, said, “so I decided to tell her we could mail a cake to her (mom) in heaven.”

Luckily her grandma, who is a baker, helped her little one to put together a cake for her mother Jessica. Offline she also made the necessary arrangements with the post office to make sure their plan go smoothly. Fisher contacted the post office with the idea and the staffs were ready to help them.

So on Monday when they have reached at the post office , they were greeted by the postal workers. They took Bella’s gift and was stamped and guaranteed to arrive at its destination. The workers went so far as to create a line just for people who were sending their special packages to heaven.

“They have no idea how much it meant to her to be able to do that for her mom,” Fisher said.

After posting her “Special Love Packet ” to the mother, little Bella was happy to return with her grandma! Truly Its too adorable and touching to see the innocent love of this daughter! Its really appreciable that the family is giving such care and love to the child. They give the sense of knowing her mommy in a special way!

“Losing a child is indescribable, I just keep moving forward for Bella’s sake. We all talk about her mommy regularly to Bella so she will have some sense of knowing her mommy.” Grandma was in tears to explain…

Post Office Helps Girl Send Cake to Mom in Heaven

HEARTWARMING: 4-year-old Bella's mom passed away two years ago, but Bella still found the most magical way to celebrate her birthday this year. ❤️🎂✉️

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Saturday, May 19, 2018

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