5-Year-Old ‘Marries Love Of Her Life’ Before An Unpredictable Heart Surgery!

Such a sweet sadness to see how this 5 year old Sophia is making her days memorable!

Sophia Elyssa Chiappalon from Connecticut in the USA was born with several complications including a hole in her heart and a genetic defect called tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, with many distinct heart problems. Little Sophia has already had two surgeries in her life and at the age of five she is about to have the third one and sadly not sure about the success of it!

She had someone,a best friend and love of her life from the age of 3 named Hunter. She asked if she could marry Hunter and her Mom Kristy was happy to see the sheer joy on these children’s faces went ahead with her little daughter’s ambition. On October 23, Sophie donned a tiny gown and veil from a local bridal shop and the Mom asked her best friend Marisa Baleeti –Lavoie to take the best photos of this cute couple!

Sophia has these very special photos to treasure with her best friend and the joy in their faces is so cute to see. It brings tears to my eyes, and I wish her a speedy recovery and long life!

Let’s pray for this sweet girl! Watch the story below.

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