This 5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy’s Performance Will Leave You Speechless

Five year old boy playing the piano keyboard in such excellency is truly incredible. Evan Le, who was born on May 31, 2011 in Torrance, CA, is a piano genius. He started practicing piano when he was just three years old. Just after two years of formal training this little master is performing amazing things with the piano will leave you speechless!

This superb video shows the little champion is playing Chopin’s Minute Waltz to pure perfection. Evan is rehearsing for his recital which will be held in HO Chi Minh, Vietnam. Its really amazing to see, how this piano prodigy sits calmly in front of the piano before him.He stares directly at the keyboard to start his music magics with the right key. Before he launches into the stunning play, he sweeps his fingers across the keys and launches into a marvelous performance!

Its surprise to know that ,Evan was born to parents who do not have any musical backgrounds! Besides having perfect pitch, he reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. He even loves to compose and whenever he wants to show his piano skills to someone he always insisted on playing his own music rather than music pieces he’s learned. His parents say that even before he started piano lessons, he used to come to the piano many times during the day and play his own tunes.

Watching this little genius completes his performance in such delighted way will make us agree that“ A new star is born”, channeling the great Frederic Chopin himself!!