After Years Of Waiting, Woman Finally Becomes A Mother At The Age Of 53

God’s grace was sufficient enough to make the impossible possible for this believing child of God !And she knew that being the Benjamin generation of God , her youth will renew even in the old age to produce children. Eventually it happened; her long awaited dream came alive at the age of 53, when she delivered a baby girl named Iris. Now the happy mother is gladly sharing her wonderful experience and how perfect her season was when she decided to have a baby at her age.

Kim had relationships but the time wasn’t right to have a baby. She was getting depressed, as she was the last of her single friends and she badly wanted to be a mother. She used to walk around maternity stores, longing to buy something for her own. And the people used to wonder about it knowing she is unmarried! Eventually the things got changed, when she met the love of her life, Nova. She and Nova got married when Kim was 48 years old. She did share her desire to have a baby and she was even ready to go for any channel to have a baby. But her husband wanted a baby that was a blood related to them.

That is when the couple decided to meet the fertility doctor to see the possibilities. Fortunately her doctor encouraged her to get pregnant as she looks quiet young in her spirit and age was not a matter to conceive. Doctor’s advice really uplifted her faith and she went ahead with the necessary treatments. After IVF she had to wait 12 long days to find out if she was conceived. All these days she refused to be fearful but was strong in faith!

Finally she received the answer for her faith. As a surprise miracle she got pregnant on her first round itself .The couple was so happy to have their first child in due time. And when her little girl was born, she felt like that was the greatest day on her life and she credits all to God’s grace!

I am sure her incredible story is worth watching and will inspire many to have faith to go for the impossible!I am so happy to see her happiness ! God bless you sister.

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