66 Year Old Adopted Women Reunites With Her Siblings For The First Time After 6 Decades!!

An amazing testimony for God,“I asked God for a small miracle and I got a big one”! 66 year old Sylvia Kewer never knew she had four siblings and will be able to meet all of them after 6 decades! Sylvia was adopted when she was 4 years old and grew up as an only child and always believed she was “not black enough”. Kewer was given up for adoption by their birth mother Dorothy Mae Goode, who lived on a farm five hours away near Lebanon. Her adoptive parents, Parker and Sophia Faison are black, yet because only Kewer’s biological father was black , she never quite felt like she fit in!

It was Sylvia’s daughter ,Natalie who helped her to find a whole new side of her 66 year old mother through the DNA test! At Ancestory.com she matched with a man who had been looking her for decades! It was Ray, her brother! Ray and the rest of her siblings organized for Kewer and her daughter to visit and the five siblings reunited for the first time in more than six decades!Truly the gracious God has over answered her prayer!