School Surprises 88-Year-Old Cafeteria Worker With A Grand Retirement Party

Serving thousand of kids each day deserves more than just a good bye cake! That too, the dishes are uniquely covered with love and caring from a well experienced cafeteria worker. 88 Year old Dorothy Marsh who loves the kids and love to cook was simply happy to be with the kids serving them nutritious food as long as she could! And in return the school made “her day” in a spectacular way!

Marsh has worked for Jackson Middle School for 24 years and prior to that she served food in other schools cafeterias! After her 50 years of serving meals to students in Guilford Country Schools, 88 year old Dorothy Marsh is now retiring and the students at the Jackson Middle School threw her a surprise party! In fact she was too shocked to know that the party which was going on there was for honoring her service! Yes the whole school, the management and the students were too good to recognize this unique and grateful work of a dedicated cafeteria worker and watching this whole event will make you agree that “They gonna miss her”!