9-Month-Old Ring Bearer Falls Asleep Driving Down The Aisle On His Parents’ Wedding!

Weddings are the events which are filled with excitements and surprises for one to cherish! The color and the size of this excitement may vary, and here we have one such wedding were the little son of the couple is giving an unexpected “surprise nap” to his parents and his sleepy ride went viral with a fame on his built!

David and Roselee Pierce who got married on 21st Oct at Monroe, Louisiana, had planned to have their wedding ceremony entirely around a French theme. The reason for choosing this very French style was because David had proposed Roselee while the pair vacationed at Paris.

They choose their 9 month old baby “Maxen” to be their ring bearer and was supposed to make a big entrance riding on his remote car bearing a sign that read “Daddy , here comes mommy!”.Watch how this one element departed from the French theme since the infant can’t walk down the aisle, the parents made the alternative arrangement by putting him in a remote controlled car to deliver the ring for their big day and what happened on the way towards his “great mission” is simply adorable!