92-Year-Old Defies All Odds To Meet Her First Great-Great-Granddaughter

Seeing this 92 year old grandmother regaining her strength to see the new born at her house reminds me about the truth revealed in the word of God – “ A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind cause healing” .Even though she was about to die, the good news made her feel happy and her mind was joyful resulting a miraculous healing!

92 year old Jean Roper was diagnosed with severe kidney damage and her oxygen level was extremely low to breath for long! The doctor was told that she had only three weeks to live and her families were preparing to say the “final goodbye” to Roper.Soon after this event, which was happened on last year, the grandmother came to know that she is expecting a great great grand daughter .The happy news made her to vow to stay alive until the baby was born!

Roper, whose family lives in Trussville, Alabama has several great grand children and great great grandchildren. She was greatly blessed by God to see many generations and most of the baby’s were boys. But now when she heard that Tracy’s sister is expecting a baby girl “Her energy shot up” as she was so excited to see the baby girl!  That too the family have planned to name the baby after her name and when the baby was born on Jan 31 – she was named Magnolia Jean!

Finally the day that the baby was brought into her house Jean Roper who hadn’t been walking at all, walked out from her bedroom all the way down to the hall to her front door to greet the baby. She left her wheel chair behind and get out of the bed in such energy and joy which was truly outrageous to witness! And she and her husband both met the newest member of their family in a spectacular way. Her health continues to improve thereafter and they could even remove the oxygen tank as she was able to breath normally!

“They all think it’s such a miracle, Because she was going very soon, then all of a sudden….” Her granddaughter Tracy was glad to witness such greatness and also captured each moments of her great grandmother with Magnolia Jean to share with the world!

Now the grandmother is busy with the baby and the internet is enjoying her dynamic recovery!