99-Year-Old Swimmer Breaks World Record. Watch This If You Need Inspiration

Age is never a barrier to break or make records! 99 year old  George Corones had broken a world record for his age group in 50m freestyle at Australia. For his age group in 50m freestyle he makes new benchmark for the 100-104 age category!

Mr Corones, from Brisbane was a keen swimmer in his youth, and gave it up at the beginning of WWII. He restarted the swimming after his retirement at the age of 80. He started swimming again for exercise purpose and he was consistent with it . On average he swims laps three times a week, and also fits in gym sessions.

He is eligible for the record because he turns 100 in April. In fact he eclipsed the previous mark, set in 2014 , by 35 seconds. Watching his swimming with much enthusiasm and passion will stir up our swimming spirit to give a trial with him! “At this age it takes a while to get going..you get exhausted much more easily, but if you do it sensibly, the rewards are astronomical,” The elderly man is sharing a bit from his success secrets!

He is even confident to hit the upcoming 100m freestyle record, scheduled for Saturday night! He believes he can beat the current mark of 03:23:10 which is set by Harrison. I am sure, keeping such great willpower he will WIN! And we are blessed to witness history in making its real!

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