Paralyzed Woman Saves Abandoned Magpie, Then It Helps Her Rediscover Life

A paralyzed woman got an uncommon companion, a Magpie to rediscover the lost colors in her life. Sam Bloom was fortunate enough to find an injured Magpie, and the baby bird turned out to be a blessing to restore her life!

On 2013, Bloom met with an accident while vacationing with her family in Thailand. She fell head first from an unsecured railing on the hard concrete below. She sustained her life after severe head injuries and multiple fractures as a complete paraplegic. The accident made her life to slip into complete depression, hopelessness and bitter frustrations!

Her loving family, her husband Cameroon Bloom and their three sons Rueben, Oli and Noah were helpless to watch her struggling to cop up with the tragedy! Eventually their family life were getting dimmer and falling apart, until they found this precious gift – a baby Magpie!

When they found the little creature she was just fallen from her nest and was on a deathbed kind of scenario. The three week old bird fallen from 20 meter height and wasn’t able to move a bit. Bloom’s family were kind enough to rescue the Magpie and they brought the baby bird to their home and named their new family member as ‘Penguin’! From then on the sweet Magpie, becomes an integral part in their life and she was there in the perfect time to make everyone laugh again!

This unlikely beautiful friendship just made my day!

Rescued Magpie Helps Woman Believe in Herself Again

When this woman had a terrible accident, her world shattered. But a hurt baby magpie showed up in her backyard and taught her how to believe in herself again 💙Today on Soulmates, watch this incredible pair grow strong together with the love and support of their amazing family

Posted by Soulmates on Sunday, June 17, 2018