Newly Adopted Dog Saves Family From House Fire

A devoted dog was right in time to save the whole family from burning from a severe fire accident. Their adopted pet alerted them to a fire in their home on March 4 and got them out of bed in time to escape safely. His courageous act of saving the family is still making animal rescue workers beam with happiness!

The family was sleeping in the home when the fire broke out at that night. Laura Smith and her two young sons were on the bed when the dog,Chrome woke her up at around 1 a.m. Initially she thought the dog wants to go to bathroom. But the dog was alerting her about the big disaster happening around her…

“He stayed with me until I realized the house was on fire and then took off down our hallway to get the boys and helped the boys out and to safety,” Smith explained. “Without Chrome, I think there would be no us today.”

They believes the fire was started by a bad electrical wiring in one of the walls at their home. Elgin Fire Department Chief  said that the house had so much damage that they could not determine the cause of the fire. The family has lost their entire home and their possessions in the blaze. Now they are looking for a place to restart again.At present the family stays in a local housing provided by St Peter’s Lutheran Church in Elgin.

Hearing the news about their dog’s bravery, the Bastrop County Animal Shelter also came forward to help the family. They have raised $1000, to help support Luara Smith and her family. They have even supplied lots of dog foods and treats to their family dog. They gave a certificate of “heroic acts of bravery and love” to honor Chrome!

Anna Watson a full time volunteer from Bastrop County Animal Shelter was right there to help Smith’s family. The family’s dog, Chrome was rescued from Bastrop County Animal shelter in November. She was there when Smith adopted Chrome .Until, then Chrome hadn’t been adopted by anyone because many people thought he was too high energy and didn’t choose him.

Please visit Bastrop County Animal Shelter website for extending any kind of supports to their mission in saving lives of animal and helping people who are in need of supports!