Adorable Girl Tries To Explain Why Her Tears Won’t Stop Coming Out

This little girl wants to make sure her point is clear and she repeats the tantrum “I can stop a little bit crying, but my tears come out all the time”!The adorable video shows a little girl is explaining, why her tears won’t stop coming out in the cutest way! Behaven Haven is expressing her strong “no” in the most beautiful style. Watching her cuteness will captivate us to her adorable temper!

It’s not that she doesn’t want to stop; the fact is that she can never stop and she repeated the same thing to all the three who were in conversation with her. She does make a fair point though. As long as your tears are running, you can’t’ stop crying. They were trying to give some tips like, to take a deep breath or praise God etc when you feel like crying! But she was seriously helpless but continues to pamper her nails with some fine polishing!