98-Year-Old Mother Moves InTo Care Home To Look After Her 80 Year Old Son!

Such a pure Love! The Love of a mother towards her children is the true essence of God that one can experience in this side of heaven! Even God, choose to sample  himself with the love of a mother towards her child to portray the very nature of it, an inseparable Love !A 98 year old mom moves into his 80 year old son’s care home to look after him and their story is so heartwarming, displaying the true love of a mother!

Ada Keating’s 80 year old son Tom Keating become a resident at Moss View care home in Huyton in 2016 because he needed more care and support being unmarried! This elderly mother Ada, who shares a special relationship with Tom, decided to move into the same home to help look after her eldest son just after a year! This widow mother who was an auxiliary nurse at the former Mill Road Hospital who had 4 children with her late husband Harry and one of their child Janet is no more who died at the age of 13. She is blessed with children and grandchildren and her family visits them regularly at the care home and are glad to see Ada and Tom is happily living together saying “There’s no parting them”!

Not only Ada’s family has these words, the entire care home and their manger Philip Daniel also touched to see the close relationship of both Ada and Tom share, and are very happy to accommodate such inseparable love in their care center! Yes! True Love never fails!

“Love is patient, Love is kind……..Love never fails”(1Cor 13:4-8)