Air Force Sergeant Gives Family A Heartwarming Surprise At Baseball Game

Air Force Special Tactics Operator Cole Condiff had a special reunion with his family on his daughter’s birthday. After being away from home for nearly six months, Cole was just returned to United States a couple of weeks ago .He then made a planned entry at the MLB All-Star game event where his wife, daughter and sister were present and surprised them with a quick appearance.

The beautiful video shows the family is watching the video tribute of Cole’s by standing in the stadium in an area where everyone can see them. And when the video finishes, Cole is seen walking toward his family from behind. His pregnant wife Rachel just turns and sees her husband just near her. She was overjoyed to see him on the spot. As the crowd began to cheer, Cole was happily hugging his daughter Charley and his loving sister too.

The emotional reunion hosted by MLB All-Star moved the family to tears of joy. After the heartwarming event Cole gave thanks to several employees of the Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball, who helped to organize the surprise.