Alzheimer’s-Stricken Grandmother Remembers Only One Song And She Keeps Singing It With Her Granddaughter

This granddaughter is so lucky to have a blessed grandmother where her entire life was so much covered with her love and she still cherish on her undying memories! Besides her parents, her grandmother, Mary-Lou Versteegh was an integral part like a “second mother” in her life and this 24 year old women Nicole Coenen just cant remember any pat of her childhood where this “great love” wasn’t there!

During the old age,this grandmother Mary-Lou Versteegh was suffering with Alzheimer disease and the degenerative condition took away many of her memories. But a beautiful song “You Are My Sunshine” was still shining in her memory and whenever Nicole Coenen visit her they sing it together and the duet may get prolong even hundred times! Nicole had filmed all the times they sang this song together and those precious memories are compiled by this granddaughter to make a tear – jerking montage for her loving grandmother.

Sadly at the age of 81,Mary – Lou passed away and her memories are still shining through this beautiful hymn – “You are my sunshine”! You may enjoy their loving moments and carry forward such togetherness with your beloveds !

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