Teen Paralyzed In Freak Accident, 13 Years Later He Is Competing In the Olympics

Nothing can successfully derail our dreams, if we can have a strong determination and desire to search out new things in life; we surely can conquer many slopes and hills in our life. A teenager boy who grew up as a champion wrestler is now finding his new life on the snow slopes as a paralyzed skier is the best testimony for it!

When Andrew Kurka was just 13 years old, he met with an accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down! Even though he was down and had no clue about the path ahead, he never let the negativity to consume him; rather he discovered the new hues of life to go ahead successfully! After becoming paralyzed at such a young age he becomes a ski champion and now this 26 year old man is competing in the Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics Games in South Korea.

He was born in Alaska and was brought up by his mother and step father and they have groomed him in various sports related activities from childhood onwards. Before the ATV accident hit him down he was a wrestling champion and had won many awards in state level competitions and he had even won 4 world championship medals for the snowy sports!

In this short span of life time, this young man had to endure many ups and downs in life and he had to learn and discover everything about to acquire success in life y himself. Now his life and the way he has conquered this great achievements are useful as a paragon to inspire many more! Watching him sharing the odds about his life and the way he has moved ahead till now is truly a heartwarming tapestry to witness!

Congratulations Andrew , keep on shining ! We wish you all the very Best for all your new ventures in life !

Andrew Was Paralyzed At 13 — But Found New Life And New Glory In Skiing

This Paralympic skier is a living embodiment of how to turn a negative into a positive

Posted by NowThis Sports on Wednesday, 7 February 2018