Vocal Group Performs Incredible A Cappella Rendition Of ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

“Day and night they never stop saying “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty; who was and is and is to come”(Rev 4:8)

Vocal group singing the beautiful rendition “Holy Holy Holy” declares the glory of our LORD God Almighty! Anthem light band is mightily used in the hand of God to proclaim His Gospel message to the mankind. I am so glad to see the youngsters are aptly using their God gifted talents for the glory of God!

Apostle John saw a beautiful vision about heaven where the living creatures and elders are praising the most Holy God with all their might and power. He saw them giving glory and thanks to the One who seated on the throne. They sung consistently by casting their crowns before the throne for all he has DONE for the mankind in saving them in pure love and mercy!

One of the glorious part in the Gospel message is that we too are made holy by the once and for all sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on the cross. His perfect love and mercy paid the ransom for our sins and made us holy and righteous in Him! And one day, we all saints in Christ Jesus will join with the heavenly host to exalt His name with songs of adoration saying ..

 “You are worthy our Lord and God to receive glory and honor and power… “(Rev 4:10)