Teen Army Private Reunites With Stranger She Saved From Las Vegas Shooting

“Let your light shine before others , that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”(Math 5:16)

Every day, we’re meeting heroes who selflessly risked their own lives to help strangers during the horrific October 1 shooting in Las Vegas . Jacquelyn Trujillo, a 17-year-old Army private is the Star of the day!

This teen girl, Trujillo was attending the Route 91 Harvest festival with her parents and sisters to celebrate her return home from basic training with the Army National Guard. But things quickly changed when the bullets started raining over the crowd and chaos broke out. Then, her sisters heard what they thought were fireworks. “They all said, ‘oh fireworks. It’s the speakers,’ “But Trujillo knew from her military training those loud popping noises were not fireworks.”All Trujillo could think about was getting her two younger sisters to safety and this Army private grabbed her younger sisters and started to run in a zig-zag, towards the exit , the way she’d been taught in military training , “She completely flipped into military mode,” her sister recalls . “It was like being in a war zone.” And they all ducked behind a wall, where a stranger named Tammy Dean was trying to stay safe.

“They saved me,” Tammy said, in the chaos and carnage this lady, Dean got separated from her family members. “I thought ‘there’s no way I was going to make it out.’” Dean said. But, Jacquelyn took charge. “She really took care of us and kept us calm and she kept me from doing something stupid like going inside looking for family,” Tammy eventually reunited over a video chat with Jacquelyn to thank her courageous acts of bravery! You will surely love to watch this reunion video..