Army Wife Takes Photo With Chick-Fil-A Cow, Is Stunned To See The One Inside The Costume

Super amazing reunion of a husband and wife will be the best thing you will watch today! An Army wife who was posing for a photo with Chick-fil-A Cow was surprised to see her husband inside the cow costume!

Army wife , Brandy Rodriguez was out with her in-laws at the local Chick-Fil A in Fayetteville, North Carolina. After the meal the family decided to have a photo at the restaurant mascot, a cow for a quick photo fun! But as the photo clicked, to everyone’s surprise the cow pulled of its mask and what they saw was the best reason to scream!

Antonio, the soldier had planned his charade weeks in advance before he returns from the deployment.Chick- Fil-A manager Devin Windsor was very happy to help this soldier who serves the country and along with the support from his family he succeeded in giving this spectacular appearance to his loving wife! She is really stunned to see him at the “right place” and couldn’t stop hugging him!

The happy couple, Brandy and Antonio is expecting their first child soon. Congratulations!

Soldier Surprise at Chick-Fil-A

WATCH: A family photo with the Chick-fil-A mascot took an incredible turn when they realized who was inside the costume.

Posted by Fox News on Friday, 26 January 2018

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