Choir Shares Powerful Message During Audition With ‘Rise Up’

The B-Positive choir group is sharing a positive message in Britain’s Got Talent audition. Their powerful rendition of “Rise Up” was orchestrated to convey a touching message to the audience. And their performance was good enough to please the judges and to go ahead to the next level of their mission!

Wearing the T-shirts marked with “B-Positive”, they all have lined with a great enthusiasm to stun the audience. B-Positive Choir is the official choir of the NHS Blood and Transplant department. Everyone in the choir either suffers from Sickle Cell or they have loved ones that suffer from Sickle Cell. Since they all know the value and the importance of blood, they encourage others to donate blood. These amazing people are taking their vocal skill to spread the “Message” all the way to the Britain’s Got Talent Stage.

Their song “Rise Up “will truly blow you away! Watching them singing with such great energy and passion will move your spirit! What an amazing way to reach out people! I did find it great, how about you?