Baby Abandoned At Fire Station Is Still Touching The Hearts Of The Firefighters Who Saved Her

I am so happy to see this baby is getting adopted by loving parents! The baby named Naomi was dropped off by her biological mother at an Orange County fire station! Now the 7 months old Naomi is getting adopted to a new family from her existing family, the caring firefighters who has kept her safe till now!

On the month of March, a lady of aged 20 came and rang the bell of O.C. Fire station and the Chief Daryll Milliot was stunned to see a mother with her new born child , as she wants to drop her off and gave her to him! The entire department was kind enough to safe guard this hours old child and eventually finding a forever home for Naomi.

The adoption ceremony was held on last November and the entire fire fighters were gathered to see off their little Naomi. The new parents are so blessed to have Naomi along with their 1 year old son named Judah!