Baby Chimpanzee Co-Pilots His Flight To New Home After Being Saved From Poachers

Watch a life soothing video to start your day in the most beautiful way! A baby chimpanzee co-pilots his flight to a primate sanctuary and their amazing journey will warm up our hearts!

Baby chimp named, Mussa was rescued by pilot Anthony Caere from the Congo. The little one got bonded with his rescuer during their flight home together after he saved him from poachers in the Congo! Now the two are making their incredible journey in the sky and Mussa looks completely relaxed as he nods off during the journey! He is thoroughly in line with the flight controls and even spared some time to take a nap on Anthony’s lap!

Virunga National Park has saved him out of the hands of poachers and it will be re-homed at the Lwiro Primates rescue and rehabilitation center! Lwiro Primates says” Every rescue is an effort from a lot of people from different organizations who work together to save lives”!The chimp is being treated for intestinal parasites, but the conservationists says he is now “playing and laughing” since his rescue! However it’s very sad to say that, he really misses his mom! Landing at his new shelter he really had to cling to his human mother!

Witnessing the amazing moments from Mussa co-piloting his own rescue mission makes us to say “Thanks to the whole team, we are very proud of you”!