Adorable Baby’s Reactions To Dad Singing Will Bring Smile On Your Face

“Train a child in the way appropriate for him, and when he becomes older, he will not turn from it”.(Prov 22:6)

Kids are quick to learn and realize things, and Gods word instructs us to train the child the way it should go and even when he becomes older he will adhere to it! Parents are the stewards, and must distribute what God entrusts to our care, and you will be amazed with the outcome of it.

Watch this adorable little baby’s wisest responses to her dad’s songs. First, her dad starts singing the theme song to the popular kids tv show Blinky Bill and she starts smiling ear to ear. Joy seems to overcome her from head to toe. Then, her dad decides to sing the classic song “Circle Of Life” from the Lion King Movie and the baby’s face immediately turns sour. She is clearly not a Lion King fan at all. So dad has to go back singing the song again that made her really happy.

What a smart baby! It’s so amazing to see that she already is developing her music preferences at such a young age. What a sweetest video to behold! Have a look!

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