Baby Girl Given Only Months To Live Defies Doctors’ Predictions And Celebrates Her 4th Birthday

Medical science has given only months to live for this little baby , today after three years she still lives a “Strong life” and celebrating her 4th birthday with her loving parents! 4 year old Lylah Gritter is accomplishing things that her family and doctors never imagined and her incredible story is made available for the use of many parents!

As a perfect addition to a lovely family,Lylah was born on August 15, 2013. The baby was healthy and happy until her parents noticed a sudden “laziness” in the child during 4 months of age! Right to their observation ,six month old Lylah was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, known as SMA. This deceases will never allow kids to live more than a year and the Gritter’s were told that Lylah would have just 6-9 months to live!It’s a kind of genetic killer of children who are under 2 years, robbing kids of their physical strength , taking away their ability to walk, eat or breath! And little Lylah was beaten down with all these symptoms!

However her parents were so keen to save their daughter’s life and they worked tirelessly to get Lylah into a clinical drug which stops the progression of SMA They travel every four months to Dallas to get her treatment and for the past three years their daughter is living a remarkable survival. Infact her physical therapist at Mary Free Bed, Sarah Piper is astonished to see her standing, swimming, walking, ice skating, and even in dance class!

By getting into the shoes of their little daughter, the family is truly realizing the value of life . They says! “Living every day, you never know what tomorrow is going to bring..When you really live it, you really cherish everyday and life is great for her”.Now they wants to raise awareness about the existence of clinical trials to slow the progression of SMA,. They wish other families can take advantage of the same and for knowing more about it, you are welcome to reach out their Facebook page!