Baby Girl Born With Fused Vocal Cords Says ‘dada’ For The First Time

Truly a heart melting moment, when a baby girl born with her vocal cords fused together said ‘dada’ for the very first time after a life-changing operation.

For the 35 year old parents- Mike and Becca Caputo- their child Maddie Caputo born with her vocal cords fused together, with a narrow airway not much bigger than a straw and a glottic web, meaning her vocal cords were 75 per cent fused together. This fused cords meant it would take Maddie all her energy to muster up a squeak and when she laughed or cried all that came out was a raspy, breathy whisper. This little one underwent an eight hours of scary surgery to get her a voice back to normal to have that sweet voice “dada”

Before the surgery she was using  all her energy to try and make sounds and babble words. “Without repair, her voice would have continued to be high-pitched, strained, and weak” “Although it will likely never be completely “normal” in tone due to the web and its repair, she should have an adequate voice as she grows. Her parents are thrilled in happiness saying, “It was incredible to hear her. It is a miracle for us.” Let’s wish that, Maddie Caputo get complete recovery and her voice be a blessing for all throughout her life!

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