Adorable Baby Girl Melts Down When She Hears Andrea Bocelli Song

No matter who you are and what are the ages, music has a magical power to move ones heart into various emotions! Watching this sweet little girl falling into a musical magic and shedding some emotions are the the best example for the same. As soon as she hears that famous song of Andrea Bocelli this precious tot couldn’t hold back her emotions and her lips begins to quiver and tears rolled down through her round chubby cheeks!

The iconic voice of Andrea Bocelli has moved many people all over the world, but this tiny baby is getting affected by his iconic voice is truly amazing! Her mom was trying to put her little one in bed by some mild song, thinking the soothing sound would lull her baby to fall in sleep.But the girl seems very serious about it’s lyrics as the adorable video shows the streams of tears rolling down her eyes as the song goes on.Finally her mom had to grab her with some sweet cuddles to console her!

Fetch some tissues to control your lovely reactions!