Baby Goose Taking First Steps In Wheelchair Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Adorable video shows a baby Goose named PJ taking its first steps in a wheelchair. His rescuers were compassionate enough to rig up a little cart for their baby bird and enabled him to walk his own.

 “We decided because he was so sweet and so loving that we just didn’t have the heart to put him down and that we would at least give him a chance.”

PJ and his sister started their life in a tough situation. They were owned by someone who was a hoarder and the baby geese were not under proper care. Both of them were living in a hoarder situation and they were living in their own waste and without food. When Carolina Waterfowl Rescue team got a call from the rescuer, they have informed that baby PJ had a sister, and sadly the baby female goose died before they got to her!

When they brought PJ to their shelter, he had a serious problem. His legs were floppy and splayed out behind him and were unable to move around and do anything like a normal goose could do. So they decided to help support the baby goose and made a miniature walker for him. Since PJ’s feet still weren’t stable, they really had to customize the design fit for him. Using PVC pipes they stretched a piece of fleece with leg holes cut out and gently taped the legs of goose at the right distance and forced its feet to hit the floor.

They helped him to practice to take little steps and eventually his legs grew stronger and were able to walk on his own! Thank God, now their sweet goose is free to live his life and has quite a solid personality to boot!

Determined Baby Goose Teaches Himself To Walk

No one thought this baby goose would walk again, but he's proving every day that nothing is impossible ❤️️

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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