Baby’s Reaction To Hearing Dad’s Voice For The First Time Brings Mom To Tears

When a child is born with hearing loss, it’s the most devastating situation for both the parents and the child. Without sound attached, the world must seem a confusing place for the child. For the parents, they really miss to see the wholeness of their child in all aspect!

This is what happened to Paul and Alexandra Williams on Back, 2012 when they learned that their baby girl was born with impaired hearing. It took eight long months and surgery to help save her hearing facility. And the wait became worth only in the day Audrey’s cochlear implants were turned on!

The adorable video shows the baby girl hearing her mom and dad’s voice clearly for the first time. The moment her dad calls her name from behind the camera she whips her head to the side and faces him! She was quick and happy to respond his dad’s voice with a cute smile.I am sure little Audrey’s two teeth, open mouthed grin is sure to be the best answer for their long waiting!

What a sweet memory for a loving family and which mother can control her tears of joy!

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