Adorable Baby Has Hilarious Reaction To Mom And Dad’s Singing

Three month old Emma is rightly dividing her taste on music. When her  daddy and mommy tried to sing to her she shows various reactions in the cutest way. First her dad tried to serenade her with “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, and the baby started crying immediately. That’s when the mother chimed in with a sweet rendition of “My Girl “and Emma was quick to calm down. She starts laughing over mom’s song, but in between the dad cut back with his serenade and the girl responded with her sweet displeasure!

Watching this adorable video will make you laugh over her spontaneous response over various serenades! Babies can be picky and their tastes keep changing. As long as they are babies , each and every gestures of them are overloaded with fun and happiness! Beholding their innocence will transform our hearts in the same way!

Morning Inspiration

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