Little Boy Who Can’t Speak Has iPad Stolen. Then The Bakery Gives His ‘Voice’ Back

“They didn’t just steal an iPad. They stole his voice”! Little boy who can’t speak has his iPad stolen at a bakery where the family was shopping. But the kindness of the Bakery employees brought back “His voice” in a touching way!

3 year old Hunter Jerrier has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, a condition characterized by “short stature, moderate to serve intellectual disability, distinctive facial features, and broad thumbs and first toes”. The syndrome has left the boy unable to speak.And the iPad was the only means for this little boy to communicate to the world.

His IPad contains countless programs to tell his family what he needs and they carry it everywhere they go! But when his family accidentally forgot the device on the counter of a normal bakery, it was stolen within no time ! Needless to say that the little one was devastated and the parents were feeling condemned for their carelessness. Because the only way they could communicate with their son had been heartlessly ripped away by the thief!

 “As a grown, 40-year-old man it made me cry, it was my fault because I put it down – I felt like I let him down because it’s the only way he can communicate with us,” his dad Brian said.

While leaving from the bakery the family began to believe they would never see the device again! But just after day of missing their electronic gadget, they received a call from White’s Bakery manager.  What the manager said to them was too much for the parents to believe – the bakery wanted to pay for a brand new iPad for Hunter!

The family is extremely grateful for the generosity of the bakery employees and their kind gesture of love was more than good to restore their faith in others!

 “There are still good people out there that, in a really crummy situation, made it easier for him, easier for us and did it so quickly,” Hunter’s mom Amanda said.

Watching such heartwarming story will restore our hope in the humanity for sure!