This Barber Spend Years Trying To Cut Autistic Boy’s Hair And Finally She Got A Breakthrough

After two years of perseverance, a compassionate barber was finally able to give a full haircut to an Autistic boy! Lisa Ann McKenzie has spent the last two years in trying to cut the hair of 10 year old boy named Jordie Rowlands. After various tricks and trials finally she has achieved her goal by giving a full fledge hair cut to her special need client just weeks ago!

McKenzie first met Jordie when she was working at a barbershop in Northlakes, Australia. His parents’ brought him for a haircut and he was to be her first ever special need client in the course of her 30 year career! Her first attempt to get the haircut for Jordie was a total disaster. She tried her level best following Jordie around the shop and  lie on the ground with him, but her entire attempt was in vain as the boy was frightened and agitated to proceed with!

But she was determined to learn the art of giving haircut to such special needs kids and this incident was just a trigger to motivate her!“I felt that I’d failed, and it made me want to do better. It made me want to learn more about autism so I could connect with him and take away his fear”. She said!

She was determined to get the haircut done for the boy and asked Jordie’s parents to bring him into the shop every two weeks at closing time.She used to refused to charge them any money for her attempted services and she even tried to get his hair cut at his home. Despite trying various methods, she just couldn’t make it up. Eventually she had to leave her job from Northlakes, since the owner of the shop was not happy with her “kindness services”.

After leaving the store, she opened her own shop called the Celtis Barber Rothwell Central! Jordie’s parents continued to bring him to her shop and then a few weeks ago, Mckenzie had a breakthrough with the youngster. That day she started singing a nursery hymn for the boy “The Wheels on the Bus” and the boy was mesmerized and remains calm with her lovely approach! Thus ,by God’s grace she could give a beautiful haircut to her special client in a special way, leaving all of them in tears of joy!

After posting her success on winning the heart of Jordie on Facebook, hundreds of special kids become her new customers. Now her Celtic Barber family is proud to be an autistic- friendly barber with specially trained barbers to assist the customers. She has even sets aside one Sunday in every month for Autism friendly appointments only!