This Basketball Player Hasn’t Seen His Mom In 5 Years, So His Coaches Gives Him A Huge Surprise

Reunion with our loved ones is the precious thing which fills our hearts and eyes in one go! That too if you are meeting your loving mother after 5 years!! Norbertas Giga,a basketball player from Lithuania is getting a surprise visit from his mom and their happy reunion was overflowed with tears of joy!

Giga is a senior forward for the Jacksonville State Gamecocks , who moved from Lithuania to the United States in 2013 to play football. Since then he couldn’t meet his mother.His coaches who knew that the gentle man has not seen his mom from 2013 , orchestrated this surprise reunion for their team mate. They have flew his mother to America to surprise him with this priceless reunion!

In preparation for the 2018 Ohio Valley Championships, Giga was staying at a hotel in Indiana. And the coaches called him into the conference room to watch a movie. But when he reached there, he just couldn’t control his tears….overwhelmed in emotions Giga is bursting into tears of joy as the mother and son embraces each other!

Such heartwarming reunions are contagious with its overloaded emotions to brings tears in everyone’s eyes!

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