Beautiful Rendition ‘His Name Is Jesus’ Will Refresh The Weary Souls!

“His name is Jesus” and He is our Savior. This beautiful rendition by Christ Rupp is a strong proclamation of the Love of God towards the human race to uplift and enliven the weary souls…

My prayer is that each and everyone in this planet earth should hear this Gospel that they have a Savior and He is the Prince of Peace in your life! No matter whatsoever it may be the situation in your life, since this Great King is with you; nothing can successfully stand against you. He is the defender and a strong refuge that stays with us round the clock!!

And this “Great Mystery”which has been hidden for ages and generations , but now it has been revealed to his people” that the God is with us -Our Emmanuel!The Spirit of Christ which is in you, the hope of Glory… and His name is JESUS Christ!!let’s thanks our Abba Father for sending messengers like Chris Rupp to sing and preach this life giving revelations to the mankind!

Morning Inspiration

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