He Was Desperately In Need Of A Kidney But Never Thought It Would Be Inside A B’Day Card From His Brother

A miraculous, sacrificial, generous gift a man can ever receive from his brother is nothing bigger than a part of his own body. 25 years old Brandon was desperately needed a kidney and was overwhelmed in tears of Joy to receive this priceless gift from his own brother!

At the age of 23 Brandon was diagnosed with kidney decease and was recommended for the transplant list in April 2015. From then on he was under dialysis treatment and the whole family was in prayers for Brandon to get a matching kidney and successful transplantation!

During the Christmas time, on his birthday Brandon’s 21 year old brother Derek handed him a large birthday present, a big B’day card and the whole family who were gathered around him encouraged him to read out the card and he started reading the love note from his brother saying “ I have always looked up to you …I’m so thankful I have you for my brother…you will always have a piece of my heart…”He went on reading and the last line from the card was an answer for their prayer which says..

”but now you will have my kidney too! WE ARE A PERFECT MATCH”..

Brandon couldn’t fathom the sacrificial love of  Derek giving him a chance to have a healthy life again.Jan 16th was their transplantation day and their mom Beth Lash is right in saying that “their brother bond will get even stronger, if that’s even possible”!