Christian Singer Praises God After Cancerous Tumors Disappear And Doctor Finds Baby

“Nobody but God could’ve done something like this” – The Gospel singer is giving glory to God for the miracles she received in her life! The Gospel recording artist Blair Monique Walker is crediting all glory to God in bringing a miraculous healing in her body. God removed her cancerous uterine tumor and instead blessed her with a healthy baby boy. The medical science and the people around are amazed to witness the wonder working power of God is getting manifested in her life!

It was on October 2017, Walker got admitted in hospital due to severe abdominal pain. She could scarcely get out of bed and the doctors diagnosed her with a uterine cancer, and her treatment plan included a full hysterectomy. When she went for a preoperative appointments for surgery, nobody was prepared to see that miracle!  While the ultrasound was performing the surgeon was stunned to find out that the existing tumors are no more there and found a baby instead!

“It looks like your God removed all of your tumors,” Walker’s surgeon said. “And left you with a baby.”

Even though the miracle baby was placed by God in her womb, the people were skeptical about her pregnancy. Even her doctor had told her to prepare for a difficult and pre-term delivery!

“I can appreciate the fact that your God performed this miracle for you,” Walker’s doctor told her.“But with your past of preterm labors and hostile uterus, even though your tumors are gone, you won’t make it full term.”

But Walker chooses to trust and waited for God’s deliverance. She had full of expectant hope that God would protect her and her unborn baby! As a fulfillment of God’s word “the hope of righteous shall never be cut off”, she received a miraculous delivery! Walker gave birth to a healthy, vibrant baby boy – Noah Alexander on May 18th.

What a great faith, which literally moved the mountains! Walker describes the life changing moments as a miracles from God and she still expects greater things from God!

“Nobody but God could’ve done something like this.My heart is overwhelmed and I can only expect greater things from God.”..She exalted the name of God!

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