10-Year-Old Boy Helps The Homeless With ‘Blessing Bags’

10 year old boy becomes a “Blessing” to thousands of homeless in Chicago with his “Blessing Bags”! And he is hitting this incredible title when a former US president high fives him in person! That’s whats happened ,when Barak Obama met him at a reception last month to honor his kindness with Chicago’s homeless! And this has encouraged the  young boy to extend his mission in double the size by this year end!

From past two years Jahkil Jackson made it his mission to distribute bags of toiletries to the homeless people living in Chicago’s streets. For those who are living without basic necessities on the streets ,his loving kindness becomes a great blessing. And he choose to calls it “Blessing Bags” because he says each kit is packed with love and compassion!

Since 2016, he has distributed his blessing bags to more than 6000 homeless,and he hopes to double that number by end of 2018. His mother says that he was aspired to help the needy and started with a small number of “blessing bags” and now his LOVE mission is spreading like anything! Truly he is a blessing to our country and we need more kids like Jahkil Jackson!