3 Men Hailed Heroes After Saving Blind Man From Subway Tracks

3 young men hailed heroes for saving an injured blind man from the subway tracks.

The miraculous rescue mission happened on June 28, when a 24-year-old landscaper named Kyle Busquine heard a yelling voice from Toronto subway station. He heard the repeated cry for help and “It was very guttural and filled with fear”. Peering down on the tracks he saw an injured man with a walking cane lying on the tracks. Soon he realized that the man is blind and had a leg injury to move from the track. Without wasting any moment Busquine jumped into the track and two other strangers also jumped down onto the tracks to hoist the man up as a team. It was only a matter of time the next train would hit the track and all in a moment of time they saved the man from dying on the track!

The blind man had been waiting for his train when he accidently walked off the platform and fell onto the tracks. He was later moved to the hospital where he will be taken care for injuries!

An eyewitness named, Julie Caniglia photographed their amazing rescue and shared the story on social media. And she said “the three men deserve to be recognized as heroes and If they hadn’t reacted so quickly, the outcome would have been horrific,”!

Watching the story you too will agree with Julie and all credits goes to these young heroes who were kind enough to jump into action!

Meet 1 of 3 men who rescued blind man from Toronto subway tracks

This 24-year-old is being hailed as a hero after he helped rescue a blind man from the Toronto subway tracks.
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Posted by CBC News on Friday, June 29, 2018