Man Finishes Boston Marathon And Thanks The Stranger Woman For Jacket

A woman was compassionate enough to extend her helping hand, enabling a man to finish the Boston Marathon. Understanding the need of the hour Bercury took off her yellow jacket and gave it to Stallis who was desperately in need  for it.

The incident happened earlier this week, when Renee Bercury was in Boston to cheer on her son who was participating in the Boston Marathon. She and her husband along with her son’s wife and her nephew was standing near the 18-mile post to cheer her son, Gar. The weather was horrible, with headwinds, rain and severe cold making it so worse.That’s when Bercury has noticed one runner who was asking strangers for a jacket.

“He had such a look of desperation on his face and he just started making eye contact with people on the sidelines, saying I need a jacket, can I have your jacket,”

The runner, Named Steven Stallis who is a teacher from St Louis had a strange experience that day during his marathon race.

“I was like having blurry vision, I was not running straight and I knew something was going downhill. I’ve never had that feeling in my life.”.Stallis told..

Whatsoever it may be the case, she decided to help him, and gave her yellow color L.L Bean raincoat to this stranger. She gave the jacket to her nephew and he put the jacket on Steven and said “You gotta finish the race now, you gotta finish it”!

For Stallis, that Jacket was like his savior and he described it saying so ,“It was my savior, like nothing else could have saved me.”

After finishing his Marathon with a medal at the 498th place, Stallis has posted the pictures of the ‘savior jacket’ on social media. And Bercury is so thrilled to know that he got some inspiration from the jacket and finished the race.