4-Year-Old Boy Battling Brain Cancer Hits Home Run During A College Baseball Game

A 4 year old boy, who is fighting brain cancer is making a dash with the professional players will move your heart with lots of love and empathy! About 100 were in attendance, the little boy is happy to hit the home run and make his ambition fulfilled.

“Everybody was crying, everybody was laughing,It was just overwhelming. Lio had a great time and as you could see, it was a hoot. When he gets to do things like this, it makes him happy because he’s with his family.” His father said! 

The Air Force and UNM managed the occasion for Lio and his family. They made the arrangements for Lio to play at the Air Force Academy Falcon’s home field in Colarado Springs on Saturday! His father, Manuel Ortega, who played in Junior College for New Mexico reached out to Air Force Academy’s coach though his coach Ray Birmingham. Air Force Academy coach, Mike Kazlausky was happy to help this father, because Kazlausky’s sister died five years ago from the same type of cancer which Lio is fighting now.

Lio Ortega has a form of cancer called medulloblastoma. While he was going through the chemotherapy treatments,his father has told him that he would wear Lobos gear that the head coach would send him and will make you hit the home run. Finally, the boy not only hit the home run, he threw out the ceremonial first pitch, met with the Falcons mascot and received a signed ball from the Air Force team.

“The hardest thing for us is…how do we maximize his time to give him great experiences?” His Father, Ortega told . “This was one of those experiences because he loves baseball. He plays on a little league team, he loves the big kids, he loves the college kids. He wants to be one of them.”

“He says, ‘I’m going to play with the Lobos.'”

What a great love a father can show to his little son who is literally battling for his life! The loving people gathered together to love the child in the most heartwarming way and watching his happiness will be the priceless thing they can deliver to the boy! Let’s keep him in our prayer for the speedy recovery!