Little Boy Was Away From His Buddy Dog And A Surprise Reunion Broke Him In Tears!

Certain bondings are so special that missing them will make its sized hole in our heart, and the reunion will fill our eyes with tears! That is what is happened to this little boy Lennox seeing his loving dog Bogart after a long year!

Ellen Goebel and her young son Lennox lived next door to Bogart and human in Nashville, Tennessee. Lennox has already one dog, but something special drawn him to Bogart and two become best friends, sharing a powerful bond! Unfortunately Bogart’s human, who is a musician, had to go out of station and left Bogart with her mom in California while she was on tour!

Lennox was heartbroken helplessly! However when she comes back from the tour picking back Bogart from California, knowing that Lennox would be thrilled to see his best buddy and she , together with Lennox’s mom Ellen arranged a surprise reunion for Lennox and Bogart!

Watching this overflowing joy of Lennox & Bogart’s reunion, will fill our hearts in Love!