6-Year-Old Boy Helps Save Over 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters And Finds Them Loving Homes

6-year-old boy, Roman McConn has saved more than thousand dogs from kill shelters and found them forever homes. The boy from Texas is doing an extraordinary act of kindness along with his mother, Jen in the Pacific Northwest. Their organization named “Project Freedom Ride” has saved more than 1000 dogs so far and it’s on its way to save more.

His mother Jen says after their family adopted a dog from the shelter, she was inspired to volunteer the dogs. Roman used to help mother to make videos to share the word and find forever families for shelter dogs. Later when they got shifted to Washington, they took 31 dogs along with them and eventually the local shelter in Texas moved more than hundred dogs to the Pacific Northwest. There they started the “Project freedom Ride” and is doing so well for the stray, unwanted dogs and the dogs from kill shelters.

Young Roman is doing everything for this helpless animals, and their caring love and kindness is worth praising and much inspiring!