Little Boy’s Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out He’s Getting Another Baby Sister

That “Pink Color” wasn’t much appealing to his taste and he literally broke out in tears asking his parents to try for a brother! This 8 year old boy was devastated to find out in a gender reveal cake that his next sibling is a girl wherein he wanted to have a little brother!

Destin Torres from Naples, Florida was excited to have the delicious cupcake which was arranged by his parents to reveal the gender of their next baby! Destin already have two sisters, Lexiann 6, and Aviana 3, and when his parents Brittany and Freddie Torres asks Destin what they would like to have next ,the sisters reply  was “girl” and Destin says “boy please”!The adorable video shows the kids were excitedly claps their hands before digging into the cupcake but as soon as this 8 year splits in the middle of the cake he was like collapses to the floor in floods of tears of disappointment!

His mother Brittany 28, who is now 16 weeks pregnant knew that Destin will be upset on it but were not expecting a tantrum like this.She found him so upset with this girly stuff as he has tuned a depressing music in the radio and remain upset for a week. The mother who know he cares for the sisters tried to console him saying “you are going to love her “and he said “ I know I will love my sister but it would have been nice to have a brother so you will have to try for a brother now”

Brittany who is planning to call the new arrival Cora-Jayde as the couple is so happy to have this surprise pregnancy and call it as a blessing after they have lost everything in Hurricane Irma which hit in Florida at the end of August!

Enjoy watching this adorable video and lets welcome Cora -Jayde to this beautiful world!

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