Birth Mom Traded Him For Car And Years Later, He Gives A Touching Tribute To The Woman Who Adopted Him

Brandon Elder began to play a song that he wrote about his mom called “Gone”! “ The greatest love that anyone could ever know is the love from the mother’s heart..As  tears fall on my guitar, I look up at the stars. You are finally home”.He has a touching story to present this unique song for the audience at American Idol audition stage!  And the heartfelt song was filled with emotions to move everyone in tears!

When he was just an infant, his birth mother, who was only 15 or 16, traded him for a car. And the family who traded the car was not able to care for the baby and was given off for adoption. A loving lady named Patricia Elder adopted Brandon as her own son!

Patricia was a single mom and she sacrificed a lot to bring up Brandon. She used to work multiple jobs to provide for his studies and various sports participation. When Brandon turned 14, Patricia was diagnosed with cancer and the medical science could only prolong her life for 2 year. After two years the deadly decease was back and the whole family was devastated in great agony for their loving mother!

That’s when Brandon turned to music and the mom gifted him his first guitar on that Christmas. He used to play and sing for his mother and she used to find happiness in his loving songs! However his precious mother passed away in April 2016 and left him with many beautiful memories to pen down!

When country star and American idol judge Luke Bryan heard Brandon’s story, he was amazed and praised him for his great talent on writing lyrics and singing such great love! He even commended that his story must make him a lot stronger in life!Brandon was humble enough to answer him back saying..

“ Yeah. Stronger, I guess. Humble..Blessed to be here”!

Truly his talent was seasoned with a genuine heart which earned him the well deserved appreciation and recognition! They have presented him a golden ticket and a chance to continue to honor his sweet angel mom!

Brandon Elder

You’re going to want to call your mom after this one 😭

Posted by American Idol on Monday, March 19, 2018