Bride’s Bouquet Toss Turns Into A Beautiful Proposal

A bride used her wedding bouquet toss to help her younger brother surprise his girlfriend! Her wedding reception becomes a memorable moment for her brother when she tossed bouquets for him to propose his girlfriend with an engagement ring! A wedding and a proposal, the happy day was overloaded with fun and love for all of them!

21-year-old Amie Murphree tied the knot with her 20 year old husband Colter Calhoun. After the wedding, the reception party was scheduled on May 5, when this unique proposal occurred. Amie knew that her brother Matthew Murphree and Savannah Gore were in love. So about a week earlier she and her younger brother came up with a plan to make her wedding a special day for both of them. They decided that instead of throwing the bouquet, she would turn around and hand it to Savannah Gore as a setup for him to get down on one knee and propose!

So when the time comes for her to toss the bouquet, instead of throwing her bouquet over her shoulder to her bridesmaids, she turned around and hand her bouquets to Savannah. From that Matthew took over the attention by extending the “Ring” he was hiding in his pocket for Savannah!

It was a nervous circumstance for both the sister and brother to handle it well !! “I think I was more nervous that something was going to go wrong or that I was gonna mess it up than I was about saying my vows, honestly,” Murphree told . “It felt like I was dreaming, honestly, I was like, This is what I’ve been waiting on..” Matthew Said!

Their great day was celebrated with a reception at Country Paradise in their hometown of Somerville, Alabama. The happy couples, Amie and Colter who got married and Matthew and Savannah who got engaged was thrilled to cheer up with their dear and near ones!19 year old Matthew and Gore will be attending their college together in the fall and planing to get marry on next spring!

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