6-Year-Old Girl Raises Money To Buy Dolls For Sick Kids

6-year-old girl Brinley is in a mission to extend ‘a cute gesture of love’ to the sick kids in hospital. Because she wants them to be blessed the way she was blessed! After months of planning the little girl could raise funds to buy 15 American dolls for the kids in Oklahoma hospital and the hospital is planning on Brinley to hand deliver the dolls to the kids personally!

Brinley Williams has dealt with kidney issues since she was born and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. During that time, dolls were the best friends of this sweet little girl. That’s when she realized the value of getting a doll as a gift from someone is really a blessing! When she returned to home after treatment, she decided to do something special for the sick kids.

She planned her sweet mission with her mother, Kristen Williams and spent a couple of months to get it done. Initially she raised $400 through a lemonade stand and then she worked in a restaurant to reach her mission. Later on when the community members came to know about the little girl’s plan they too have helped her to raise another $1,500 in tips.

Finally she is ready with a bunch of American Girl Dolls and she along with her mother is happy to give those- gift of love- to the kids at Francis Children’s hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Don’t you think we have a lot to learn from this sweet little girl!

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