Recently Reunited Brothers Finds Long-Lost Twin Sisters With A Simple Sign

Two brothers, Matt Shaw and Ed Clark found their long lost twin sisters using a single photograph and a simple sign using social media. They posted a special plea on Facebook and it helped them reunite with their siblings, Dana Cameron and Donna Haun on last Sunday.

The sign that read “Looking for our twin sisters born 1968 and adopted together in the Ellwood City, PA area. Birth mother named Sally. Please Share!!” made a great impact on social media. Thousands of people shared the post and it got more attention when a news channel picked up their story.

Their story starts when Ed Clark Lawrence County native first met his brother Matt, who was in South Carolina through an Ancestry DNA website. They then learned that they were adopted by different parents and have older twin sisters too. So the brothers opted Facebook and wrote the sign to find their long lost sisters. By God’s grace, within short days, the siblings could reunite at Buhl Park in Hermitage.

The happy brothers and sisters are all set for a new beginning and their bond is now growing up with many connections and traditions!