Brothers Heroically Saves 61-Year-Old Woman From A Sinking Car

Two brave brothers were right in time to rescue a 61 year elderly lady from drowning. Seth and his brother Matt was courteous to save a woman when they saw her sinking in her vehicle.

Seth and Matt were traveling home when they saw a sinking vehicle. They were driving a highway that had pools of water from melted snow. The lady was traveling ahead of them when she drove through a puddle and lost control of her car. Her vehicle ended up sliding into a portion of the highway that was flooded and the waters were deep enough to sink the vehicle. However she managed to get out the vehicle through the passenger window and climbed on the roof safely.

Even though the brothers didn’t see her sliding, when they have approached the end of the highway, they have noticed the sinking vehicle. They were curious to make sure that no one was trapped inside the vehicle. So they have stopped their truck, to see if there is anyone screaming for help .And to much surprise a lady was crying out for help in distress from her almost submerged vehicle.

Seth and Matt were quick to drive into the body of 30 degree water to swim to save her. They did their rescue mission by Seth reaching out to her and rescued her from drowning. Matt turned back on the truck so that their truck’s headlight would light the way from Seth to return with the lady he just rescued.  Bringing her into the shore they gave her a warm blanket and drove her home safely with her husband.

It’s so heartwarming to see their kind supports for a helpless at her most crucial time in life. We are blessed to see such amazing people around us!

Passerby saves woman

FLOOD RESCUE ON THE HI-LINE: Passerby saves woman after car is overwhelmed by floodwaters. He's seen swimming her back to safety, with water up to her car windows. Amazingly, everyone made it out unhurt.
Courtesy: Matt McCollam

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Posted by KULR8 News on Thursday, April 19, 2018